About Guitar Circle

Learning how to play the guitar can be a rewarding experience both socially and musically. Guitar Circle is a way to help develop new friendships and provide an outlet for creativity and expression. It also allows participants to explore their musical interests in a supportive and engaging environment. Lastly, and most important of all, it is fun!

guitar circle
  • Learn to play along to your favourite songs

  • Chords and finger picking that are used in many popular songs

  • Strumming patterns and rhythms that add texture and variety to songs.

  • Guitar techniques such as holding the guitar, tuning, and plucking/strumming the strings.

  • How to read chord charts and guitar tablature.

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If you are interested in particpating in Guitar Circle or have any questions feel free to contact me by email at [email protected] or by filling out the contact form below.

guitar circle

Class Information


Every Monday - During School Terms

  • 7pm-8pm (Beginner - Intermediate Class)
  • 8pm-9pm (Advanced Class)
  • *Day classes coming soon - Please email if you are interested

Don't have a guitar? No problem - Spare guitars are available for new students


Fairfield Community Room

84 Arthur Street, Fairfield 3078

(Same building as Fairfield Library)


$15 per class - Pay By Term

$20 per class - Casual Visit (pay as you go)


[email protected]

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Ready to start your musical journey? Feel free to say hello by sending a message

Other Ways to Reach Me

Alternatively you can email me directly.